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The Stingray City Album

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Thumbnail Title Description

Stingray City Resident

One of the many cool rays we were playing with, 10/1/2002

Stingrays seen from the boat

Stingray city has a sandbar that is very shallow. When you anchor the boat you can see the rays from the deck, 10/1/2002

Stingrays everywhere

There are a lot of stingrays at Stingray City, 10/1/2002

Stingrays brush Mike

The stingrays are playful, they nudge into you., 10/1/2002

Alana holding stingray

The stingrays can be held - with some assistance, 10/1/2002

Dee gets stingray massage

After holding the stingray you can get a massage. The underside of the ray is very soft and smooth, 10/1/2002

Dark swimming stingray

Stingray swimming in the Ocean - it looks like they are flying, 10/1/2002

Mike taking a closer look

Mike dives down to look at the stingray, 10/1/2002


Stingray swimming, 10/1/2002

Stingray Close up

So close he can see the whites of your eyes, 10/1/2002

Stingray Flying

Stingray swims, 10/1/2002

Adult and Child Stingrays

A pair of stingrays swims by, 10/1/2002

Profile view of stingray

Stingrays can swim fast, 10/1/2002

Alana Snorkling

Alana checking out the rays, 10/1/2002


One of Alana's favorite fish caught on film, 10/1/2002