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The On Safari Album

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Kirkman's Kamp

Kirkman’s Kamp was our home for four days while on Safari in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve. The Kamp was originally established in the 1920s and the rooms are filled with artefacts and photographs from its heyday., 4/15/2007

Romantic Room

For the first couple of nights, rain started just as we finished our evening safaris. On this night, Alana was delighted to return to the room and find a candle lit pathway to a warm bubble bath waiting for her., 4/15/2007


The locals refer to the Land Rovers as ‘Landies’. There were usually six of us in the landy including the driver and tracker., 4/15/2007


Klipspringer means ‘rock jumper’ in Africans. They are agile little antelopes and we saw these guys sitting high on rocks, 4/15/2007


We saw more Impalas on our safari than any other animal., 4/15/2007

Baboons Everywhere

The baboons climb high in the trees and are on the constant lookout for predators. When they see a large animal, they make alarm calls and stare in the direction of the intruder. Our tracker used the baboons’ behaviour to find bigger animals such as leopards, 4/15/2007

Mamma and Baby

A baby baboon hitching a ride on mamma, 4/15/2007

African Roller Bird

This variety of the African Roller Bird is called a Pepper Roller , 4/15/2007

Yellow-billed Kite

Yellow-billed Kite, 4/15/2007

Two Birds

A bateleur eagle and hammerhead along the side of the Sand River, 4/15/2007

Easter Bunny?

A trail of clues lead to this wily bunny – Easter in South Africa, 4/15/2007


Our tracker, Eckson, picked up a trail of chocolate candy while on our morning safari, 4/15/2007

Easter Tea

We spent Easter morning having tea and hot cross buns amongst the wildlife in the bush, 4/15/2007

Little Elephants

These three were part of an enormous herd containing elephants of all sizes, from little babies to very large males, 4/15/2007

Curious Elephant

This elephant was snacking on some leaves. When we arrived he came over to the jeep to check us out. , 4/15/2007

Elephant Stampede

This photo was taken from the back of a very quickly accelerating jeep., 4/15/2007


We often saw elephants on our morning and evening rides, 4/15/2007

Roaming Elephants

Elephants in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, 4/15/2007

Giraffe on the move

Giraffe on the move, 4/15/2007

Giraffe Hike

We saw this giraffe while on a guided hike in the bush. This giraffe, like many other animals, are far more nervous around humans on foot. When we were in the Land Rover, they didn’t even seem to notice, 4/15/2007

Wildebeest or a GNU?

I never really thought about it before, but this is when I realized a wildebeest and a gnu are the same animal, 4/15/2007

Female Kudu

Female Kudu, 4/15/2007

King of the Mountain

This kudu is king of the mound, 4/15/2007

Male Kudu

Male Kudu, 4/15/2007

Playful Impala

This young impala was having a blast hopping up and down the road, 4/15/2007

Herd of Impalas

The impalas have unique colouring on their backsides so they can quickly distinguish other impalas while on the run, 4/15/2007

Leopard in a Tree

Our tracker and driver were very excited to find this leopard in the tree, 4/15/2007

Looking for Food

Leopard looking for food, 4/15/2007

Tree Leopard

Leopards are comfortable in the trees, 4/15/2007

Licking Leopard

Time-lapse photo of the leopard licking his chops. , 4/15/2007

Leopard in Tree

Leopards blend in when perched in trees. Sometimes they even hunt from the trees, leaping onto unsuspecting prey, 4/15/2007

Leopard on the run

Leopard on the run, 4/15/2007

Looking Around

This leopard was content sitting in the sun, 4/15/2007

Leopard at Sunset

A leopard enjoying the South African sunset, 4/15/2007

Leopard on the prowl

Leopard on the prowl, 4/15/2007

Baboon for Lunch

Leopards will drag their catch up into a tree to keep it away from other animals, particularly packs of hyenas. This leopard was eating a baboon, 4/15/2007

Leopard in the Grass

Leopard in the grass, 4/15/2007

Rhino's Home

The tracker explained that this rhinoceros was in his favourite spot. They often find this rhino amongst the bushes in this area, 4/15/2007

Rhino Family

A family of large rhinos, 4/15/2007

Two Rhinos

Two rhinos each with a bird standing on their backs, 4/15/2007


Sunrise as seen from Kirkman’s Kamp. The good thing about a 6am safari is that you enjoy sunrise during morning tea, 4/15/2007

Sand River Morning

Steam rises off the Sabi Sands landscape as the morning sun warms the ground, 4/15/2007


The warthogs were fun to watch. They liked to wallow in big mud pits. They also knell on their front knees to eat. , 4/15/2007


Waterbuck are easy to identify due to the white ring around their rump, 4/15/2007

Water Buffalo

The water buffalo was one mean looking dude, 4/15/2007


Zebras were a common sight, especially on the evening safaris. This zebra was munching a mouthful of grass, 4/15/2007

Eating Grass

Zebras spend much of their time feeding on grass, 4/15/2007

Zebra Stare

This zebra stood there and stared at us for the longest time, 4/15/2007

Zebra Pair

A pair of zebras, 4/15/2007


We had ‘Sundowners’ on our evening safaris – a chance to get out of the Lad Rover and stretch the legs. We also had drinks and snacks and watched the animals, such as zebra, in the distance., 4/15/2007

Off Into the Sunset

The zebras walked off into the sunset, 4/15/2007