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The Cayman Islands Album

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Cayman Turtle Farm

Grand Cayman has a Turtle farm - where sea turtles are raised and released. The turtle farm has a live web cam - www.turtle.ky, 10/1/2002

Alana trying to catch a turtle

There is a tank at the turtle farm where visitors can hold turtles - if they can catch them. The turtles can swim fast!, 10/1/2002

Alana holding a turtle

Alana is holding a turtle she "caught" from the turtle farm, 10/1/2002

Alana holding another turtle

Alana holding another turtle with Dee in the background, 10/1/2002

Mike holding a turtle

Mike is holding a turtle he caught, 10/1/2002

Mike holding another turtle

Mike is holding another turtle he caught, 10/1/2002

Dee holding a turtle

Dee is holding a turtle he caught, 10/1/2002

Close up of a turtle

Picture of a turtle being held, 10/1/2002

Close up of the back of a turtle

Close up of the back of a turtle being held, 10/1/2002

Close up of a turtle

Picture of a turtle being held, 10/1/2002

Large Turtle head

The turtle farm had full grown turtle. You can not touch these turtles, 10/1/2002

Large Turtle face

Face of another full grown turtle, 10/1/2002

Snorkel spot near the turtle farm

The snorkel spot is called turtle reef. This is next to the turtle farm, where the turtles are released into the wild, 10/1/2002

Iron lizard

This an Iron Lizard. We called him the curly tailed lizard. We found these lizards everywhere on Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac, 10/1/2002


Another lizard found on Grand Cayman, 10/1/2002

Hell, Grand Cayman

There is a city called Hell on Grand Cayman, it was named after black rock formations, 10/1/2002

Hell, Grand Cayman

Alana posing in Hell, Grand Cayman. The location was named after the black rock formations in the background, 10/1/2002

Dee in Hell, Grand Cayman

Dee in frount of the "Hell" rocks, 10/1/2002

Mike and Hell sign

Mikestealing a rock from hell, 10/1/2002

Flight from Grand Cayman to Cayman Brac

We took a 10 passenger plane from Grand Cayman to Cayman Brac, where we spent Mon - Sat, 10/1/2002

Palm trees in hurricane

We arrived in Cayman Brac on Sunday, hurricane Lili arrived on Monday. The winds were fierce - over 75 mph. When the eye of the hurricane passed over the island there was an eerie calm, 10/1/2002


The hurricane winds blew everything around. All the locals had their windows boarded. All of the guests at the resort (12) stayed in the dining hall talking and drinking "rum concoctions". The resort manager was on CNN as the Cayman Brac correspondent, 10/1/2002

Hurricane Dee

Dee getting blown away by the hurricane, 10/1/2002

Inside Rebecca's Cave

This cave was named for an 18 month old baby, Rebecca Bodden. She died as a result of the worst hurricane ever recorded in the Cayman Islands on Nov 9, 1932. The Boddens and several other families struggled through 30 feet storm surges and 200mph winds to cross the bluff and seek shelter in this cave during that night. Rebecca died as a result of exposure during the trip, 10/1/2002

Inside Rebecca's Cave

Anther picture inside Rebecca's cave, 10/1/2002

Bat Cave Sign

On Cayman Brac there is a cave where Jamacia Fruit Bats Live, 10/1/2002

Mike in the Bat Cave

Mike inside the Bat Cave, 10/1/2002

Bats in the Bat Cave

These are Jamacian Fruit Bats. They eat over-ripe fruit and insects including mosquitos, 10/1/2002

Hermit Crab

These Hermit crabs are everywhere!, 10/1/2002

Alana on the Bluff

This is the limestone bluff that runs in the center of most of Cayman Brac, 10/1/2002

Alana and Mike on the South Shore

This part of the shore is rocky coral. The bluff is in the background, 10/1/2002

Dee on the south Shore

Dee on the South shore, 10/1/2002

Dee Surfacing

Dee surfaces from a dive, 10/1/2002

Dive Boat

This is the boat that took us diving while on Cayman Brac. Dee is ready dive, 10/1/2002