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The Cape Town Surrounds Album

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View on way to Cape Hope

On our way to the Cape of Good Hope, the most south Westerly point of South Africa, we stop to take in the view, 4/1/2007

Baboon Scare

Mike sees this something like a dog in the road. It turns out to be a baboon. We pull over and Alana gets out of the car and head towards it to take a photo. Unbeknownst to her, there was a group of five Baboons right next to her. When she noticed, she jumped and, after her Malaysian monkey experience, high-tailed it back to the car. There were other people chuckling in their cars at the whole scene. Surprise Surprise, 4/1/2007

Baboons on the side of the road

Later when we arrive at the Cape of Good Hope there is a brochure that says, "If you see a baboon, do not get out of your car, or roll down your windows..." the people this tour bus had a good laugh at Alana's expense!, 4/1/2007

OMG I'm standing next to an Ostrich

At the Cape of Good Hope there are hikes along the water and a hike up to the light house. We saw this Ostrich as we were heading up to the lighthouse and decided to take this route instead. Good timing as we didn’t see any more ostrich the rest of the day., 4/1/2007

Two Ostrich

More ostrich joined the first one., 4/1/2007


The Ostrich are surrounded by Fynbos - native bushes found only in the Southern region of Africa, 4/1/2007

Alana and Mike take in the view

Alana and Mike perched on the rocks high above the Atlantic Ocean, 4/1/2007

Boulders Beach

Boulders beach is where the penguins are. It's only about 2 hours from Cape Town., 4/1/2007

100s of African Penguins

The African Penguin is bigger than the Fairy penguins in Australia and they spend time on land during the day, where fairy penguins spend all day in the ocean only coming on shore at night. Which equals many African Penguin pictures to come!, 4/1/2007

Three Penguins

The African Penguin was formally known as the Jackass Penguin. They were named this because they make sounds like donkeys. To hear the noise they make watch our videos here, 4/1/2007

Close up of Penguin

The African penguins have pink spots above their eyes, 4/1/2007

Inquisitive Penguins

These penguins acted as though they have never seen a camera before, 4/1/2007

Alana and Penguin

Alana gets close to a penguin, 4/1/2007

Penguin takes a step

One small step for a penguin.., 4/1/2007

Penguin underwater

Penguins are very graceful swimmers., 4/1/2007


Penguins are social animals that swim, play and nest together., 4/1/2007

Penguin swims with head up

Penguin swims with head up, 4/1/2007

Penguins emerge from the water

Penguins emerge from the water, 4/1/2007

Penguins on an Island

Penguins on an Island, 4/1/2007

The photographer gets photographed

Alana was having a great time running around the rocks searching for penguins, 4/1/2007

View of Ostrich along the Garden Route

The red dirt is reminds me of Australia. From a distance these could be Emus., 4/1/2007

Ring Tailed Lemur

Our first stop on the Garden Route was the Ostrich capital of the world, Oudtshorn. Our destination was the Cango Wildlife Ranch. These Ring Tailed Lemurs were an active bunch! Ring Tailed Lemurs are from Madagascar, so we won't see any on our Safari., 4/1/2007

Pink Flamingos

We might see some of these in the wild too., 4/1/2007

Cango Bird

These are relatively common in South Africa, 4/1/2007

Hugging Crocodiles

Aww these crocs look like they are good friends as well as tank-mates., 4/1/2007


These meerkats acted just as they do on Meerkat Manor – a Discovery Channel TV program., 4/1/2007

Adult Cheetah

Here's the reason we came to this wildlife park -- the Cheetahs. Cango has a special Cheetah breeding program. There are 21 adult cheetahs in residence at the Cango Wildlife Ranch’s breeding center, which strives to conserve and protect Africa’s fastest land mammal., 4/1/2007

Baby Cheetah

There were 3 litters of cheetahs born five month earlier, in Oct 2006., 4/1/2007

Baby Cheetahs

When these Cheetahs are full grown they will join the other cheetahs as the fastest land animal on earth, achieving an incredible top speed of 120 kilometres per hour. , 4/1/2007

Baby Cheetah

, 4/1/2007

Baby Cheetah

, 4/1/2007

Baby Cheetah Profile

, 4/1/2007

Alana and Mike pet a Baby Cheetah

At the Cango Wildlife Ranch you can have a face-to-face interaction with an Adult Cheetah, the Baby Cheetahs, or with baby white lions. We chose the baby cheetahs., 4/1/2007

Alana and Mike pet a Baby Cheetah

They were very tame, one licked Alana's leg, the trainer said they aren't allowed to lick, so gently push them away if they do. The trainer would move them around, picking them up by the scruff of their necks., 4/1/2007

Mirrored Baby Cheetahs

The baby cheetahs were very playful, 4/1/2007

White Lion

This lion looks sad, he seems to be saying, "take me home with you"., 4/1/2007


Lions, 4/1/2007


Lighthouse along the Garden Route, 4/1/2007


The Dassie is a technically a Rat, but it looks more like a squirrel. It is an African rodent found among rocky outcroppings., 4/1/2007

Alana on the route to the lighthouse

Alana poses for a picture along the coast., 4/1/2007

Lights of Cape Town

Cape Town at night - taken from Signal Mountain. This was our last night in Cape Town and the next day we boarded the Rovos Rail train for a two days of luxury rail travel., 4/1/2007

Alana in our Rovos Rail Cabin

Alana with a glass of champagne in our Rovos Rail Cabin. The train was first class all the way!, 4/1/2007


This was our car in the train - we had a fabulous ride., 4/1/2007

View of Grape Vines

The train took us through the heart of South Africa and we watched the landscape fly by, 4/1/2007


One night there was so much lightening the train switch was out, so we had to stop for a few hours. Alana captured this bolt., 4/1/2007

View from Train

The view out of our cabin window, which had a springbok etched in the glass, 4/1/2007

The Big Hole

The train stopped for an excursion to the Kimberly Diamond mine a.k.a. The Big Hole. The Big Hole was mined to a depth of 215 metres and is the largest hand-dug excavation in the world. On 14 August 1914 work on the mine was suspended. By that time 22.5 million tons of earth had been excavated, yielding 2,722 kilograms of diamonds. This is also said to be the best view of an exposed volcanic tube for you geology buffs , 4/1/2007


About 15 minutes from Kimberly, the train passed a shallow lake where approx 23,000 flamingos flock., 4/1/2007


, 4/1/2007


, 4/1/2007