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The Cape Town Album

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Cape Town Townships

A view of the a township from the highway near the Cape Town airport, 4/1/2007

Table Mountain with Palm Trees

A view of the a township from the highway near the Cape Town airport, 4/1/2007

Cape Town Harbour

The harbour area of Cape Town is a beautiful working harbour teaming with tourists. It has many shops, eateries and is a safe places to walk around after dark., 4/1/2007

Cape Town Harbour Sunset

Sunset at the harbour is beautiful., 4/1/2007

Pedestrian Draw Bridge

Mike stands on the pedestrian draw bridge. There are many historic buildings in the harbour., 4/1/2007

Table Mountain Table Cloth

Table Mountain is often topped with a cloud, which is known as the table cloth., 4/1/2007

Table Mountain Views

There is a Cable car taking people to the top of Table Mountain. Mike was pleasantly surprised when the car slowly rotated as you rise, giving more than 360-degree views, 4/1/2007

Table Mountain Views

Table Mountain offers incredible views of downtown Cape Town, that is when there are no clouds, 4/1/2007

Table Mountain Views

The famous Table Mountain tablecloth, 4/1/2007

Protea Cynaroides

We found this flower, a Protea Cynaroides, on table mountain. , 4/1/2007

Protea Cynaroides

Another view of the Protea Cynaroides., 4/1/2007

Table Mountain Flowers

In contrast to the very large Protea, these little pink flowers were everywhere -- and in a variety of colours -- lavender, yellow, pink, redů, 4/1/2007

Table Mountain Flowers

More flowers? found on table mountain, 4/1/2007

Table Mountain

On the day we chose to visit table mountain it was cloudy with patches of sunlight. The red flower you see in this scene was so bright in contrast with its fynbos surroundings., 4/1/2007

Kirstenbosch Gardens Cheetah Statue

After hiking on table mountain we headed to the Kirstenbosch gardens. The first part of the gardens have large statues. Of course Alana had to pet the cheetahs., 4/1/2007

Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl roam the gardens. , 4/1/2007


There was a large section of the garden dedicated to succulents., 4/1/2007

Alana peers from behind a succulent

Sneaky Alana peering through the succulents, 4/1/2007

Botanic Gardens Tree

One of many trees in the Kirstenbosch Gardens, 4/1/2007

Robben Island Prison

Robben Island is 12 kilometres from Cape Town, it was used throughout history (400 years) as a place of exile, isolation and imprisonment. Most recently from 1961-1991 it was a Maximum security prison for political prisoners and until 1996 a Medium security prison for criminal prisoners. Since 1999 it has been a World Heritage site., 4/1/2007

Robben Island Prison Exercise Yard

Prisoners were treated differently based on their skin colour. The white prisoners were allotted better clothes, shoes and bedding., 4/1/2007

Exit from the Prison with our guide to the right.

All the guides of the tour were past Political Prisoners on the island or related is some way to a prisoner. Our guide served several years for attending meetings that promoted black rights. He served when Nelson Mandela was also serving time at Robben Island. He spoke of reconciliation instead of revenge, which was Nelson Mandela's big teaching., 4/1/2007

Communal Cell

This is the communal cell our guide lived in. When this was a prison this room was filled with bunk beds., 4/1/2007

Nelson Mandela's Cell

This was Nelson Mandella's cell for 18 years. He was released in 1990. He secretly wrote parts of his first book here, it was published after his release in 1994. , 4/1/2007

Springbok on Robben Island

Robben Island was home to many different animals, including the Springbok, South African's national animal was one of them., 4/1/2007


Robben Island is also home to a herd of Gemsbok, 4/1/2007

Sunset on Table Mountain

Table Mountain turns golden as the sun sets., 4/1/2007

The sunsets over the Harbour

, 4/1/2007